RICORDO Modry Efekt

RICORDO 23 months, EuDDC 2014
black male
03. 10. 2012
owner Nadia Oreshkova, Netherlands

cardio normal

J. Winner of Amsterdam 2013
I exc ris CAC Holland GD Club 2013
I exc, CAC open class, Polish GD Club 2014
II exc. open class, EuDDC 2014

1 x resCacib
3 x CAC


Ricordo's website

Sire: Ch. Pl , Pl Club Ch. and
BIS 2010

Atheneum Alter Idem

Dam: Int Ch. Ch. Pl,Sk,Lt
Pl,Lt,De Club Ch. BIS Pl, Lt Club

IRIMI Modry Efekt
photogallery of RICORDO

after Club show - rest in Wilcza Góra Polish Great Dane Club 23 months

Cacib Warsaw - Ricordo resCacib, CAC Polish GD Club Warsaw 2014 Cacib Warsaw

13 months - I exc risCAC Dutch GD Club 2013 13 months
9 months
7 months with Misho, 20 months , N... vom Herstallturm
6 months
5 months
4 months
in new home with a new friend
7 weeks