Litter "L"

29 03 2010 ten blue pups were born, through cesaerian in Wroclaw univesity clinic. Two weeks later, without any warning pups started to die. Short, horrible scream of pain and it was the end. One after another. Autopsies (and there wewre more than one) showed viruses of Rubarth disease. Vets couldn't believe as this disease had not been reported in our country since 20 years. But they seemed to believe as they close the delivery section of the clinic for 3 days and got it disinfected. Pups could have the contact with virus in this clinic or in another one where Ola went with one puppy who seemed to have respiratory problems due to choking with artificial milk. Maybe he got first symptoms of the disease, however acute Rubarth gives no symptoms at all and than the death comes.
three pups have survived amd Ola kept them till they were 3 months old, making all tests and vets claimed they were sane. Blue boy died in Moscow in the same time Ledushka has gone in Wroclaw. Only Lirica in Ucraina is sane.
In the day of Christmas Eve Ola got an sms with "wishes" and "compliments" for the most unsuccesful breeding debut in 2010. just think how mean and cruel the person must be to write something like this.... And it was somebody from "danes circuit" in Poland.
  autopsy result
result of virusology


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