KAKAO Modry Efekt

28 10 2009 - 25 04 2010

Cmonio, as we call him becouse he was so sweet and loved to give kisses, had liver shunt disease. A liver shunt is a blood vessel that carries blood around the liver instead of through it. It is a birth defect (congenital portosystemic shunt). Since the mother's liver does the work of filtering out toxins, storing sugar, and producing protein for her unborn babies, liver function is not needed in the fetus. This ductus venosus is supposed to close down shortly before or after birth as the baby's liver begins to work. In some individuals the shunt doesn't close down; it is then called a "Patent Ductus Venosus", or an intrahepatic shunt.
Cmonio had first signs of his disease at the age of 10 weeks after deworming. His case was not surgical. Sometimes dogs live with shunt. We tried, but the diet with elimination of proteins was too much for a dane....


Sire: Int.Ch. Ch Pl. Club Champion
FIGARO Modry Efekt

Dam:Club Champion, Ch. Pl
GALIZIA Modry Efekt
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