ESCAPADA Modry Efekt

blue female
10 02 2006 - 28 06 2006


Sire: Ch. Es. CACAO
de Garaba

Dam : Int. Ch. MultiCh.
ASZRA Modry Efekt
"Malunia" in polish is a nickname for somebody who is very small and very, very sweet. Malunia was the last one of 10 puppies. She was a little bit smaller and weaker than her brothers. But she wanted to live. When for the first time she was too weak to stay with other puppies she slept with us in bed. In the morning we didn't find her on the pillow. Before we panicked we saw mother Aszra entering our bedroom and behind her, with her tail upright, Malunia, very proud of herself.
We fight together till the end. She died in my arms. Two days after the surgery which was supposed to give her a chance. I still can't agree with it. And can't stop myself from blaming everybody and of course, first of all, me.
I only hope that she was happy with us, for this short time she had. Becouse we loved her so much. And she knew it.
4,5 months. Armin loved her so much
5 months 4 months with Lincoln
she was so braveheart ... 3 weeks ... and not at all timid
Malunia always manage to find a place 2 weeks