EL DUERO Modry Efekt

blue male
10 02 2006 - 26 11 2006
owner Katarzyna Niemiec,


Sire: Ch. Es. CACAO
de Garaba

Dam : Int. Ch. MultiCh.
ASZRA Modry Efekt
This farewell for Sprite is designed by Iwona, owner of Okey Olga Oregon and Niobe Magiczne Kolo, friend of Kasia and belowed "auntie" of Sprite.
Sprite has gone too early. It's always too early, but when the puppy dies, the puppy who could live and enjoy his live in the family who really loved him, and took care of him, it's really too much. And when such a thing happens becouse of somebody's neglectness, or even worse, it's really difficult to accept it. Sprite died due to some kind of poison. He was loving and loved...what else can I say...Goodbye Sprite, we will always remember you.
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