CZARINA Modry Efekt


Interchampion FCI

Polish Champion
Austrian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Humgarian Champion
Slovac Champion
Croatian Chamnpion

Slovenian Champion
8 x BOB
(Best of Breed)
10 x CACIB
11 x resCACIB
33 x CAC
6 x CAJC

Polish Club Winner 2007
Austria Winner 2006
Junior Polish Champion
Junior Lithuanian Great Dane's Club Champion

Winner of Ranking of Polish Great Danes Club 2006
Winner of Ranking of Polish Great Danes Club 2005
- best adult and best young female

BEST COUPLE of Polish Great Danes Club 06 and 07
BEST COUPLE of Hungarian Great Danes Club 07
BEST COUPLE of Lithuanian Great Danes Club 07
- always with
her brother CAIRO

I exc. CAC in ch.class on European Show 2007
I Best in Show Baby Great Danes Polish Club Łodz 2004
III exc. jun. class European Championship Tulln 2005
black female
07. 04. 2004 -
-17. 08. 2009

heart DCM free
2006 i 2008 certificate
owner :
Agnieszka Sowa
Modry Efekt


Sire: Hannover del
Regno di Fantasia

Dam : Int. Ch. MultiCh.
ASZRA Modry Efekt
CZARINA's photogallery
the sweetest ever, first Aszra's daughter, together with her Mom they took away a part of my heart. Hope they are waiting for me....
Czarinka on EuDDC France, 4,5 years. It's our last photo together - thank you Monika
full of dignity.... .....and so, so sweet...thus she looked like when she was happy at home last Club Show, 2008
She was always very busy...she destroyed all her toys but not her cushions
3 years with her daughter 5 years
3 years. She loved football balls. And she was the only who was able to take them in her mouth.
2,5 years 4 years, with Dzidzia and her cushion 2,5 years
2,5 years 4 years 2,5 years
2 years in Croatia
13 months 2 years 23 months
J.Winner of Lithuanian Club, resCACIB - Trakai 2005 Junior Winner Szilvasvarad (Węgry) 16 months
Cacib Opole 2005 12 months 12 months 9 months
10 months 8 months 8 months
6 months with Armin the same day in Wilcza Gora 5,5 months
3,5 months 4,5 months 3,5 months
10 weeks 12 weeks 12 weeks
4 weeks 9 weeks Czarinka with Cairo 2 weeks
11 days 1 day