BIJOU Modry Efekt

blue female
born 30 03 2003
owner Tomek Piekara, Cracow

Junior Middle Eastern
European Winner
1 x resCACIB
1 x CAC
3 x CAJC



Sire: Int.Ch Ch.Pl.

Dam : Ch.Pl. SUZANNE
VEGA Herbu Zadora
30 03 2003 - 24 02 2006
It was the first death in our dane's family. I knew it must have happened but I didn't think it would be her. Bijoutek, always happy, strong and sane... She wasn't even 3 years old... Few weeks after she had gone her mother Zuzia was celebrating her nineth birthday.
3 years ago I was driving her to Cracow and I was crying all way back home. She was happy with Tomek and his family and she loved them so much. But there was also a little place in her heart for me. She made it very clear any time we met.
In mine heart she will stay forever.
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