Modry Efekt

11 months
blue female
born 19. 07. 2016

Interchampion FCI (in homologation)
Polish Champion
Austria GD Club Ch + II BIS 2018
Pl. Great Dane Club Ch + III BiS 2018
German Club KyDD Champion + I BiS 2018
Winner of National Polish Special Great Dane Show +I BiS 2018
J. Polish Champion

J. Polish Club Champion 2017
J. Czech Club Champion 2017
J. Austrian Club Champion 2017
(and Best Junior Female of all colours)
8 x BOB
1 x BOS
6 x Best Junior
7 x CAJC

owner Agnieszka Sowa Modry Efekt


Sire: Pl. Champion

M: Int Ch. Ch. Pl,
German Club Ch.KyDD 2015
French Club Champion2014
Croatian Club Champion 2015
photogallery of XAMANTHA

XAMI 2 years 3 months

Wels, Austria, Club and Cacib, XAMI II Best in Show, Club Champion, 2 x BOB, Cacib

Great Dane Club September 2018 (155 danes) XAMANTHA Club Ch. BOB and III Best in Show while her black sister XCARET I Best in Show!!!! XAMI Best of Breed

Special Great Danes Show Łódź May 2018 (122 danes) - I BEST in SHOW for Xamantha!!!

Final Competition for Best Head of the show - between two sisters :) XCARET, the black one won!!! and 4 months later on the Club XCARET I BIS XAMI III BIS - BEST SISTERS EVER :) XAMI during Best of Breed competition

KyDD - German Great Dane Club KyDD in Hackenheim August 2018 - XAMANTHA Best in Show I Xami in France, Neuvic on the Nationale d'Elevage Sept. 2018 - II exc/5

In Hungury - May - Cacib andon the club I exc intermediate class Once more BOB on Polish Club

Shows happen once - twice a month. In the meantime chilling :)

15 months, Poland Bundesieger and Cacib with Cruft qualification, Xami Best of Breed on both shows :))) and J. Poland Winner title

16 months, World Dog Show Lieipzig and Czestochowa 14 months

 XAMI 12 months CACIB Czestochowa on Polish GD Club (11 months) and with half-brother Yenisey after winning (both of them) Czech Club

 XAMI 12 months  XAMI 11 months  XAMI 11 months
May in Croatia the sea was super :)

also the rocks:) 

first photo session in Wilcza Góra 8 months

with Vado on the beach of Pilica river - 8 months

with Vita winter 6 months

5-6 weeks

25 days 

8,5 weeks 19 days, with brother Xamir