Modry Efekt

15 months
blue female
born 19. 07. 2016
DCM free (echography and holter 2020)

Interchampion FCI
Polish Champion
Slovac Champion
Austria GD Club Ch + II BIS 2018
Pl. Great Dane Club Ch + III BiS 2018
German Club KyDD Champion + I BiS 2018
Winner of National Polish Special Great Dane Show +I BiS 2018
Slovac Great Dane Club Ch. 2019
v-European Champion 2018
Grand Prix of Show Ranking of
Polish Great Dane Club 2018
J. Polish Champion

J. Polish Club Champion 2017
J. Czech Club Champion 2017
J. Austrian Club Champion 2017
(and Best Junior Female of all colours)
11 x BOB
1 x BOS
6 x Best Junior
7 x CAJC

owner Agnieszka Sowa Modry Efekt


Sire: Pl. Champion

M: Int Ch. Ch. Pl,
German Club Ch.KyDD 2015
French Club Champion2014
Croatian Club Champion 2015
photogallery of XAMANTHA

Xami 3,5 years

XAMI 2 years 3 months

Wels, Austria, Club and Cacib, XAMI II Best in Show, Club Champion, 2 x BOB, Cacib

Great Dane Club September 2018 (155 danes) XAMANTHA Club Ch. BOB and III Best in Show while her black sister XCARET I Best in Show!!!! XAMI Best of Breed

Special Great Danes Show Łódź May 2018 (122 danes) - I BEST in SHOW for Xamantha!!!

Final Competition for Best Head of the show - between two sisters :) XCARET, the black one won!!! and 4 months later on the Club XCARET I BIS XAMI III BIS - BEST SISTERS EVER :) XAMI during Best of Breed competition

KyDD - German Great Dane Club KyDD in Hackenheim August 2018 - XAMANTHA Best in Show I Xami in France, Neuvic on the Nationale d'Elevage Sept. 2018 - II exc/5

In Hungury - May - Cacib andon the club I exc intermediate class Once more BOB on Polish Club

Shows happen once - twice a month. In the meantime chilling :)

15 months, Poland Bundesieger and Cacib with Cruft qualification, Xami Best of Breed on both shows :))) and J. Poland Winner title

16 months, World Dog Show Lieipzig and Czestochowa 14 months

 XAMI 12 months CACIB Czestochowa on Polish GD Club (11 months) and with half-brother Yenisey after winning (both of them) Czech Club

 XAMI 12 months  XAMI 11 months  XAMI 11 months
May in Croatia the sea was super :)

also the rocks:) 

first photo session in Wilcza Góra 8 months

with Vado on the beach of Pilica river - 8 months

with Vita winter 6 months

5-6 weeks

25 days 

8,5 weeks 19 days, with brother Xamir