Press articles

As I work as a journalist, from time to time I manage to write a reportage concernig dogs. Only about danes my bosses don't know, I relly don't understand why. I don't think it's worhwhile translating, so above photos you have a short review of polish text
Reportage about the biggest dog's refugee in Europe - in Wojtyszki there are over 4 thousands of dogs.... Polityka, August 2011
Penalization of cruelty towards animals - Polityka 2011
I am not the author of this interview of course, my husbands tells about our dogs, not all is true, he is politician so it couldn't be other way... but the picture is nice :)

"Uważam Rze", Rzeczpospolita, 2011
Psycological addition to weekly Polityka interview with profesor Wojciech Pisula - why we need animals, why we keep them
Bears not danes, not even dogs but they also shouldn't live in crates....(Polityka 2011)
Horses :) Sztuka Życia, addition to weekly Polityka 2011
Reportage published in weekly Polityka in 2008. In a certain way it's the continuation of the report from 2006 (below). Really drammatic story about one of animal shelter. After the article was published some tv channels made their reportage too and the shelter was closed.
Weekly "Polityka", 2006. About animal shelters, which are only the way of making money for their owners. In one we found 35 bodies of dogs and cats burried in absolute illegal way, with strong suspicion that the only reason for their euthanasia was that the owner gets the money for every animal at the moment of registration, and the amount doesn't depend on how long time the animal lives in the shelter). We wrote about wrong laws concerning animals in our country, about illegal puppy farms, breeders that shouldn't be allowed to called them so. And about breeders like Piotr Mikuc, who managed to rescue a platten female from his breeding, at 18 months 30 kg wieght. (she is on one of the pictures) Piotr took care of her and after she was cured found her good owners. but the bad thing is that the previous owners of a dane won't have no consequences in spite they almost kill their dog.
Not a story with happy end - I mean whole reportage.

This is a reportage from weekly Przekroj, 2004, about some dishonest vets. Unfortunately it's a seriuos problem in our country. Probably in big towns we have too many vets and sometimes they decide a therapy to a sane dog or cat. Of course we have really brave vet and those who are onest and help animals congatulated me on this publication. Some of cases I treat in this article are really extremly shocking... F.ex. there was a dane of 8 months a "vet" wanted to operate hips - to replace his bones with endoprothesy. The owner didn't agree. The dane at 18 month was x-rayed and his hips are 0/0. Another case: tibetan Lhasa Apso. Diagnosy: renal insufficiency. After 3 years of extremly expensive treatment the owner made analysis for his own, in a different clinic. The dog turned to be perfectly sane...
An article from daily "Zycie" about a bill concerning so called "agressive breeds" Danes were at the begining in. On the photo mine Zuzia, Suzanne Vega Herbu Zadora, not an agressive dane.